About the Artist

Inspirational Art that Celebrates Life

Rediscovering Painting

When my muse requested that I let go of ceramics and return to painting, I agreed, since turning down my muse is not an option. I then began a deep, probing journey to the center of my universe and back. In the Mystical Galleries, you will find paintings that tell the story of my travels: renditions of energies, beings, and forces birthed from that dark, uElaine Smile masked small 2nbounded void I know as essence.

Impulses to explore the light emerged from my journey into essence. As I entered the world of light, paintbrush in hand, I became a conduit for a generous outpouring of creativity. Moving from one style to another, a wide range of images manifested, and they called for more galleries: Abstracts, Animals, Fun and Fantastic, Landscapes, and Mythic Encounters.

On behalf of all the galleries, I invite you to tour them and join them in a spirit of celebration.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to the many people who have helped me live and grow as an artist. I would like to acknowledge Allen Cobb (computer mentor and photographer), Cynthia Lane (soul sister and editor), Ron Blair (on-the-ground consultant), and my mentoring group, as well as many who remain unnamed, for their generous support.

Education and Experience

Art is, and always has been, the experience of coming home. It is my first love. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the school of my parents and grandparents - the University of California at Berkeley. Midway through my studies, I was inspired to attend the Chicago Art Institute for one year. I gave no thought to a “practical” vocation. Instead, I spent five glorious years immersed in painting, drawing, printmaking, and ceramics.

Looking back thirty-five years later, I see my life as a rich interweaving of various media, lifestyles, and continents. My art experiences include working in two- and three-dimensional media (mainly painting and ceramics); teaching children and adults privately and publicly; and exhibiting and selling in galleries, juried competitions, state fairs, festivals, art shows, and private venues. Threads of life experiences include traveling and living in the States, Europe, India, Ecuador, and Peru; raising children; practicing and teaching meditation, yoga, and Breema® Bodywork; creating publications in Switzerland; and cattle ranching in Wyoming.

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