Inspirational Art that Celebrates Life

Many thanks to those who have contributed comments and feedback on my work. Here are a few recent responses from people who have bought paintings or drawings.

I love Elaine’s creations! I see them as delightful, playful, and whimsical reflections of Elaine as well as expressions of those free-spirited, childlike parts of me. I also find the quiet depths and sensitivity of myself given a voice in her work.

- Elinor Hall, St. George, UT


The first time I saw Elaine’s artwork, I cried. Perhaps out of recognition for what is inside, perhaps out of sheer delight. I feel like she has tickled my soul. Thank you, Elaine, for allowing your artwork to be viewed on a website.

- Susan Herzberger, Fairfield, IA


Elaine is a rare, sensitive being who deeply touches our soul through her art. Her masterful use of vibrant colors and energetic patterns creates a fertile ground for joy to naturally arise. We are blessed by her exceptional artistic gifts and expressions.

- John Parker, Fort Collins, CO


I really enjoy the way the energy magically moves in my portrait painting. Every time I look at it I see new images, colors, patterns, and awareness that in turn give me deeper insight into who I am.

- Susan Chipman, Fairfield, IA


Elaine’s paintings have a wondrous ability to convey an experience purely in terms of energy and movement. The images feel direct and innocent, as if Elaine is looking at things from some other part of the universe. Her work reflects a universal, other-dimensional quality of perception.

- Cynthia Lane, Santa Fe, NM

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