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Inspirational Art that Celebrates Life

Welcome to my miniature drawing galleries.

View unique explorations of inner and outer worlds -- places known and unknown; places intimately experienced within the silence of the soul, the silence of the heart. Enter and enjoy a wide variety of flavors: energetic, abstract, southwestern; representational, mystical, surreal; humorous, meditative, totemic; whimsical, figurative, and peaceful.



Fun & Fantastic




Mythic Encounters


I created the miniature drawings within a small space of 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I was fascinated with drawing in a space I could easily wrap around and cradle in my heart.

To find more drawings akin to your inspiration, take a journey through the other galleries. All works are available for purchase as fine art prints. To purchase an original, or to commission a drawing, contact me at elained@lisco.com.

Be sure to visit the Painting galleries as well.

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